Why BodyByVi Won't Work For You...


Why BodyByVi Won’t Work For You…

…and why nothing has ever worked before.


Okay, I make a pretty bold claim that BodyByVi, and its 90-Day Challenge, won’t work for you.  If you are reading this, you are one of three people…

Person A will be scouring the internet trying to find reasons why they should NOT take the 90-day challenge with  Visalus Sciences, also known as BodyByVi.  This person is looking for reasons to prove that it is not going to work for them.

Person A will NOT succeed with BodyByVi…or any other weight loss program.  UNTIL they stop looking for a reason to FAIL. 

Our minds are an absolutely FASCINATING  mechanism!  It will drive us to seek out evidence & will only recognize information that lines up with the beliefs that we have ingrained in to it.

What does that mean?  Whatever you believe…you will subconsciously and consciously seek out data (photos, videos, articles, tv shows, etc.) that will PROVE yourself right. 

Nobody likes to be wrong!  And your brain doesn’t know how to process anything that does not line up with what you believe.


But, good news is that it can be changed.  It takes TIME and  EFFORT.  Look, you didn’t get to where you are, overnight.  Why would you think that you could completely reverse it…overnight?  Give yourself a break!  Take a small step right now and DECIDE to SUCCEED.  Then, stop looking at all the reasons why BodyByVi… or anything in your life…will not work for you.

The other person reading this post is…

PERSON B is reading this post and saying to themselves that BodyByVi will work for them…but deep down, they are just hoping it will.  HOWEVER… they have “Magic Fix” syndrome.  They want a shake, a pill, a patch, a drink in a can to take the weight away.

This person really wants results…but they don’t want to wait.  They don’t want to change their habits.  They want to continue eating what they want, keeping the same activity level and yet get permanent results.

BodyByVi will not work for YOU!

Why?  Because BodyByVi…and most weight-loss programs are designed to give you nutritional support as you make LIFESTYLE CHANGES.  You can’t just drink 2 shakes a day and eat crap the rest of the day!  You may see some results…but they won’t be permanent. 

The yo-yo effect will continue.

Now, good news… you CAN change all of this so that the 90 Day Challenge actually gives you the results you desire. 

First, accept that this is a LIFESTYLE change… not a diet.  You will need to look at what habits you have and what you can change.  I highly recommend that you connect with your Sponsor for support.

I personally enjoy helping people like you, Person A and

Person B!  Once you’ve decided to make some changes…

My role is not to just push product.  It is to COACH people who want to get weight-loss results.  In order to do that, we need to DIG DEEP and work on the limiting beliefs that got you to where you are now; eliminate negative limiting beliefs, while building positive limiting beliefs.

As your lifestyle changes occur, you will not only see results in the 90 day challenge, but in all areas of your life.



PS:  I provide FREE coaching for my personal Visalus customers and team members.  One personal coaching session every week through your 90 Day Transformation… JOIN today and we will get you all set up!  CLICK HERE NOW

OOPS!  Almost forgot!

Person C… the third person.   You are just like ME!  You have a strong desire to get results, you are working on your mindset and your beliefs.  YOU are on the path to success!  And, you probably are only reading this post because you were consider that it was going to put BodyByVi in a negative light.  I love being partnered with YOU!  You care about the common good and you ROCK!  Hope you enjoyed my blog post.  Thanks!


Pumped About The Future


I am absolutely “pumped” about the future!

Today, I begin classes for my coaching practice that will help me to help others and make money too.  A lucrative profession that will be virtually “untapped” once I target my niche.

The beauty of Empower Network is that I can share this experience in my blog posts, and still have people come to me to join without me having to pitch or sell them on the power of this network.

Today, at 1pm EST I will be taking my first Champion Your Ideal Market with Rhonda Hess.  I can’t tell you how exciting this is for me, especially after years of trying to find my target market.

I always thought that I could sell “coaching”, until I found out that most people don’t even know what coaching is, nor do they necessarily see the value in it.  Once I target my niche and market, I am positioning myself to find a viable market of people who are seeking my services.

And, as I learn and grow, I am able to share this with my Empower Network community.  That means that I can leverage the power and authority of the Network to bring even more targeted clients to my blog posts and to my coaching practice.

The Dave Duo have been working hard to get Empower Network running smoothly.  I’ve been waiting on the sidelines for all of the “kinks” to be worked out.  I am only making just enough to cover my monthly membership cost.  But, I knew that these guys were not going to rest until they got this all figured out.

Meanwhile, I can learn and implement what Rhonda has to teach me.  Meaning that I can combine what I learn with the authority of the Empower Network to reach a far wider audience.  As Empower Network continues to grow and improve, so do I.

I am super excited to see where this all leads!

Come along for the journey!


PS:  If you are looking to get more exposure to your website, business or practice, check out what Empower Network has to offer you.  Just click on the banner on this page to check it out and see if it is a good fit for you.

The Fine Art of Email Story Selling


The Fine Art of Email Story Selling

Email Story Selling

Presented to you live Monday Night, February 6th, 2012, at 8pm Eastern by the King, Daegan Smith!

I have to say for over a week now, I’ve been learning a great deal from the King of never calling a single lead, Daegan Smith.

Almost every day, he dropped a golden nugget on to this mailing list AND to his Facebook group.  Each day, we got an assignment, and had to report to the group once the assignment was complete.  In some cases, the King was even giving out some cold hard cash.  And all of it was for FREE… cool, eh?

Here’s some of the “nuggets” from the past week:

  • Chapter 1: The First And Most Important Lesson Of Email Marketing
  • Chapter 2: How To Entertain Through Story
  • Chapter 3: “How To Pimp Your Emails”
  • Chapter 4: “Newports And Redbull For Breakfast.”…
  • Chapter 5: “How To Get Your Emails Opened”
  • Chapter 6: “The Email X Factor”
  • Chapter 7: “What Comics And Good Emails Have In Common”
I will say this though, not only did Daegan OVER deliver in every single email and assignment, but as reported by many of the members implementing the free training, he is giving out some GOLDEN nuggets. .

One guy named Bryan, did a split test and share his results with Daegan, who in turn shared them with the group.  In one day, Bryan sent out two emails.  The first one had a story and he had 3 sales for a total over almost $600.  The second one he sent out included a story, and he had 16 sales for over $2000!

What if you could take this information Daegan is sharing and TRIPLE your sales from the same audience just by telling a story?


Key is to know HOW to tell the story.  Daegan will show you how.

Don’t have a list?  Me either, until this free training from Daegan.  In just a few days, I have a list of 5.  Not exactly jaw-dropping, but that’s okay.  I have my blog.  And yes, Daegan said to go and and do blog posts for now.


What comes next is the power of email story selling. 


And, Daegan is doing something I have never seen anyone do.  You get to attend this webinar for free.  If you are not completely satisfied, you don’t have to pay.  If you see the value, then you will be charged $39 the following day.  FULL details are here on the information page  —>  http://marinomarketinggroup.com/Stories

Here’s another story for you.  Two of Daegan’s students, Toby and Layla Black, were once broke musicians living in the basement of a bar.  They learned the Art of Email Story Telling and just in the past 2 months, they were able to earn 3 (not 1 or 2) BMW’s with their primary business after only being in it for 16 days.

That kind of results comes from knowing how to build a list AND how to tell a story to that list.  You can learn what they did, because Daegan is willing to show you.  Monday night, Feb 6th, 2012 at 8pm ET.  I will be there, will you?

. . .

To Our Success!

Joy Marino



PS:  If you need the link to register for the webinar, just go HERE–>

Email Story Selling Secrets


What would it mean to you, to be able to walk the stage and receive an award from your company, this year?

For most Network Marketers, it is a dream to receive company-wide recognition at the annual awards ceremony.  To come from a place of being “nobody” to being “somebody” in front of hundreds, or thousands of others is a great honor.  Not to mention all of the publicity that the company may use to share with the world.

To paint a bigger picture for you, this means that you are not only recognized by your team, your company…but also by your competition within your industry.  AND… most people when looking to join your company, may seek you out.  It is your instant “FAME” that will undoubtedly grow your business exponentially.

Who Walks The Stage?

In most cases, those that walk the stage are people who have set records for the previous year.  They may also be people who have showed a strong leadership skill.  In many cases, most sales, most recruited members and/or most team achievements are what gets people to walk the stage.

But, how does one get there?  How does someone get those types of results?

I can tell you this, it may appear like an overnight result, but it is NOT.  Every person up on that stage sweat blood and tears, at some point, to earn their achievements.  Yes, they may have won 3 BMWs in 3 weeks, like Toby and Layla Black with Visalus.  Or, they may have made $80,000 in 3 months, like Lawrence Tam with Empower Network.  However, it wasn’t a 3 week or a 3 month process that got them on stage.

Each of us has our own story.  For example, Toby and Layla were broke musicians living in the basement of a bar about 3 years ago.  And, Lawrence Tam, he works full-time as an Engineer and has learned a few expensive lesson along the way over the past 2 years.  Some people take even longer than 2 or 3 years before it “clicks” for them.

You may have a story that spans a few weeks, months or even years.  And, you may be in the position of not seeing that stage anytime soon.  But, you WANT IT and you work towards it.  Whatever it may mean to you, it is important to you to succeed in your primary business.

Our Walk the Stage Jump Start program is designed for people like you.  A system to guide you through the process of building your own list.  A list of people that you can connect with, give them tips, tools and resources to help them see success, and in turn, creating your own success story.

The people that get up there and Walk the Stage didn’t get there by promoting their company’s replicated website.  Sure, maybe they used it in the beginning, or maybe the still use it as one of their tools, but I will bet you any amount you want, that they learned how to bring people to a door of opportunity.

And, this door was not their company’s door.

The door of opportunity is one that is labeled with a person’s need and offers a solution on the other side.  And, all they need to do is leave their name and email to unlock that door and walk through.  Once they do, the leader on the other side of the door is there to guide them through their own process of learning about a business, marketing, advertising, etc.

For example, Daegan Smith, the King of Never Calling a Single Lead…he knows how to build doors for people to come through.  And once you give him your name and email, and you walk through, on the other side is a plethura of content to help you make money.  Now, he will continually offer you information, tools and resources.

To Walk the Stage at your company’s next event… learn to build a list and you will increase your chances of building a team that is strong and can duplicate what you are doing.  That is what Toby&Layla, Lawrence Tam, Daegan Smith and thousands of other successful Network Marketers have done.


Joy Marino

PS:  If you are ready to Walk the Stage, check out the Jump Start system to teach you what to do and how to do it!

<h2> Walk the Stage Jump Start</h2>   CLICK HERE

A Little About Me|Joy Marino


What is your story?  This is just a part of mine… Joy Marino

My name is Joy Marino and I am a wife and mom of 5 children.

I enjoy helping other people utilize their talents, gifts and abilities to branch out, increase their business volume and achieve their goals. . As a child… …growing up, my parents owned a luncheonette.  We served food as well as provided products to the local public.  I always had my parents around, since they were the only ones running the store and we lived in the apartment above the storefront.  Even though they struggled, they were their own bosses and were able to be involved in my life. . As a teenager… …my parents ended up leaving the store and getting regular jobs and renting a home.  It was definitely a different time for my family and I struggled with many of the issues most families face these days.  I was unattended after school and although I had a part-time babysitting job, I often found myself hanging around and doing a bunch of nothing. . As an young adult, I definitely struggled with many challenges. I learned a lot of things, the hard way.  I was married, had my first son and divorced—all by the age of 20.  While my friends were exploring “life”, I was all-grown up already.  In some ways, it made sense, because I’d always been a bit “older” than most of my friends.  In fact, many of my best friends, growing up, were the adults that frequented my parent’s store.  So, I matured in many ways sooner than my peers. . Nowadays, I stay at home with our 4 youngest children. I crave the interactions with other adults and often socialize on networks throughout the day.  One thing that has always been a passion of mine is helping others.  Combine socializing and helping others, network marketing seemed to be the perfect fit for me.  However, time and time again, I struggled to get my business(es) off the ground. . I began to grasp the fact that I was looking at NWM from a non-profit standpoint. I was helping people left and right, but never really making money.  I was motivated by their successes, but depressed by the lack of my own. . I had watched person after person start at the same spot I was in, and in no time, they propelled past me at a blinding speed.  I failed to see why it happened for everyone else, but not for me. . My Biggest Problem(s)—lack of focus, discipline & consistency. These 3 elements are how everyone else finds success when I do not.  It’s like the saying about stopping at the edge of your breakthrough; you work so hard to get there, but give up or give in…right before your life was about to change. . My other problem was that I was a people pleaser. I cared far too much about other people’s opinions and I allowed that to keep me just beyond my breakthrough.  I would start something…then stop when I thought it might “upset” or “offend” someone else.  I was under the impression I need someone to hold me by the hand and direct my every step, giving me praise and approval at every juncture.  And, every time I didn’t get that, I would turn and walk in another direction, probably a few feet away from my “fortune.” Enough. is. ENOUGH Recently, I decided that I had enough.  I had short-changed myself for far too long.  I still care enough not to intentionally hurt other people’s opinions, give credit when due and be respectful of other people’s time.  However, I can’t expect anyone to hold my hand anymore.  I am almost 40 for crying out loud.  I’ve been broke, beaten down and counted out for far too long. Now, I work for me…for my family.  Those that see the value in what I can offer them will show up to learn.  Those that want to partner with me in business, will.  Those that want their dreams to come true will do what they need to do, in order for it to happen…just like me. I look forward to hearing your thoughts, your story, your commentary.  Just leave me some comment love and share what this article has spoken to you. Blessings, Joy Marino Joy Marino PS:  If you are a work at home mom that needs a little marketing help, go watch this video (CLICK HERE) to see how I have been able to successfully make money online without chasing friends or family AND providing a service that helps people build their primary business!

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